Rowing Program

Rowing Screening involves a multitude of targeted movements and musculoskeletal assessments to allow for Risk of Injury identification and prehabilitation.

What is included:

  • Thorough assessment to review past and current injuries and training schedule

  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal examination to identify weaknesses and imbalance

  • Hands on Physiotherapy if required

  • Progressive strength program to address any deficiencies


Rowing Education is an informative group session designed to teach athletes across a range of sport related topics. Bespoke group sessions can range from 30-90 minutes and can be facilitated as either theory only or included a combination of theory and variety of exercises for flexibility and core.


Topics addressed include:

  • Common Injuries (Low back pain, rib stress fractures, intersection syndrome of the wrist)

  • Importance of Warm Up / Cool Down

  • General Flexibility

  • Improving core stability

  • Nutrition and its impact on injury

  • Injury prevention


Rowing Pilates focuses on improving core strength which is crucial in rowing to assist in injury prevention. Whether a once off or regular sessions, we are able to provide tailored classes centered on a mat based routine. This includes strengthening and mobility exercises targeted to the rowing stroke focusing on both prehabilitation (to avoid injury) and rehabilitation (during injury).  

To book a Rowing Screening enter the Online Bookings tab and select the appropriate service. For more information on the Group Education sessions and Pilates please email your interest to